Enwono Eyoh

Enwono Eyoh


Contact: E.Eyoh@sms.ed.ac.uk

Group member since March 2016

Supervisors: Dr Francisca Mutapi


Project Title: Identify and Characterize Schistosoma haematobiumUnstructured Proteins for Vaccine Development.


Project Summary: Schistosomiasis affects approximately 200 million people worldwide and is endemic in 74 countries. The disease is most commonly caused by Schistosoma mansoniS. japonicum, and S. haematobium. Schistosomiasis is treated with praziquantel, nonetheless the drug does not prevent future infections. My project involves identifying vaccine candidates for S. haematobium, expressing and screening these proteins for immunogenicity. 

I am interested in studying and understanding infectious diseases from a molecular biological perspective. As a master's student, I studied plasmodium falciparum co-chaperon proteins. From the coursework and encouragement by professors, I developed a desire to further study as a Ph.D. student. After graduation I moved from The United States of America to Edinburgh with a sense of adventure and an enduring desire to understand and contribute to the study of infectious diseases. 


  • MSc Public Health, Tropical Medicine (2013-2014), Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (2013-2014)