Edinburgh Science Festival- 2019




                                 Grace and Caitlin (left to right)                                                         Niamh and Lorraine (left to right)

The Edinburgh Science Festival is a regular feature on the Science Public Engagement calendar. This year two of our PhD students and one of our past MSc students signed up to help out. Grace and Caitlin (pictured on the left) and Lorraine (pictured on the left) volunteered and were stationed by the Parasite and Neuroscience stalls. 

Lorriane's thoughts on the whole experience; "I think it was structured in such a way that almost all the age groups were catered for and hence everyone was included in the activities making it exciting not only for the whole family but for us as well, as we could easily engage everyone in  the activities."

By the end of the festival agreed that it had been great fun and hugely entertaining, even if they had lost the ability to speak!