Dr Welcome Mkululi Wami

Dr Welcome Mkululi Wami



Dr Welcome Wami

MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow

Top Floor, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3QB


Project Summary: My interest is on developing statistical models to explore the interactions between infection, immune response and pathological biomarkers associated with Schistosoma haematobiuminfection. The findings will have important implications for the improvement of current intervention strategies to control neglected tropical diseases and the design of future studies. My background is in Applied statistics and Biostatistics. Previously, I have worked as a Statistical Research Consultant, Statistician, Data Analyst and Reward Consultant (Strategic Information Services). I enjoy working and connecting with professionals from across different research fields.

Publication List​

  • Welcome M. Wami,Norman Nausch, Nicholas Midi, Reggis Gwisai, Takafira Mduluza, Mark E. J. Woolhouse, Francisca Mutapi (2016). Comparative Assessment of Health Benefits of Praziquantel Treatment of Urogenital Schistosomiasis in Preschool and Primary School-Aged Children. BioMed Research International   


  • Wami W.M., Nausch, N., Bauer K., Midzi, N., Mduluza, T., Gwisai, R., Woolhouse, M., Mutapi, F. (2015). Identifying and evaluating field indicators of urogenital schistosomiasis-related morbidity in preschool-aged children. PLoS NTD 20;9(3):e0003649. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003649. 


  • Wami W.M., Nausch, N., Bauer K., Midzi, N., Mduluza, T., Gwisai, R., Simmonds, P., Woolhouse, M., Mutapi, F. (2014). Comparing parasitological vs serological determination of Schistosoma haematobiuminfection prevalence in preschool and primary school-aged children: implications for control programmes.Parasitology


  • Wami, W.M., Buntinx, F., Bartholomeeusen, S., Goderis, Geert, M., Chantal, Aerts, M. (2013). Influence of chronic comorbidity and medication on the efficacy of treatment in patients with diabetes in general practice. British Journal of General Practice 63(609): e267-e273(7). 


  • Vlayen A., Schrooten W., Wami W.M., Aerts M., Barrado L.G., Claes N., Hellings J. (2013). Variability of Patient Safety Culture in Belgian Acute Hospitals. Journal of Patient Safety


  • Ngwana G., Aerts M., Truyers C., Mathieu C., Bartholomeeusen S., Wami W.M., Buntinx F. (2012). Relation between diabetes, metformin treatment and the occurrence of malignancies in a Belgian primary care setting. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 97(2), 331-336.